Blaise & Stephen

Château de Varennes, Burgundy

“It is not easy to talk about the experience we had with Laurent, because it is one of those encounters that generate a feeling that simple words are not enough to translate faithfully. Practically one of the last bookings in the organization of our wedding, Laurent proved to be a first choice, our MVP of videographers, and for several reasons.

First of all by his very human side: quiet, filled with a certain lightness, inspiring great serenity, at once ultra present and hyper discreet at the same time. He was also extremely understanding, letting adventure clearly guide him, far beyond other considerations. Laurent was interested in who we were, who we were, our history, our culture, our environment, a real curiosity filled with respect.

Behind the man, then there are the images. We wanted to retranscribe all the intimacy of our already intimate wedding, to tell who we were through this day. A not so easy challenge that Laurent grasped all the stakes and that he took up perfectly, with a sensitive and fair eye.
The shots are extraordinary, faithful to the emotions we felt and chosen with enough brio so that the day and those that followed were impeccably reported.

With each viewing, we plunge back into these already unforgettable moments and we have the feeling that Laurent’s film will accompany us for a long time, throughout our lives, a little like a lighthouse, like a landmark, like the oath of eternal love that we have taken.

If we had just one regret, it might be that this sharing with Laurent didn’t last longer…but…. after all, who said we were stopping there ? 😉

Thank you Mr. Rostaing. Be happy. And see you soon."

Géraldine and Maxime

Laurent Rostaing Wedding Videographer | Provence | French Riviera | Montréal